Summer fashion finds.

I will be the first to admit that I have way, way too many clothes. Reason number 100 why I’m so excited to get this blog up & running because more than anything I love buying new pieces to put fun outfits together.

With the help of my (cooler than me) sisters, we took some photos of a few of my favorites at the moment for all different occasions. We were on vacation and spent the morning having a photoshoot with my new camera so it was a good time. So photo cred to them (mostly Jena) for a ton of these shots.

When you’re feeling kind of edgy…

My sister Jamie (check her out on CollegeFashionista) is especially ~artsy~ and again, cooler than me. She made some really cool DIY distressed rocker tees and was excited for my sister and I to try them on. I opted for the black acid washed Lynyrd Skynyrd tee. Am I cool enough to wear this outfit in real life? Maybe… that’s still up for debate.

Side note, I bought these jean shorts in three colors and will be living in them until September. These booties are a go to – I even wear them to work sometimes. Super comfy and go with everything to add a little edge. Here’s a similar pair in suede that I love too!

Trying to be as cool as my sister.

When you’re feeling just a little bit preppy…

I wore this outfit out to the beach bars in Avalon and was super happy about my decision. My high-waisted white jeans are another go-to. Express has really stepped up their denim game as of late!

I scored this Lilly Pulitzer Wiley Ruffle tube top at Plato’s Closet (shout out to the Exton, PA location for being the best) for $30 bucks. Win. Check out Poshmark for a similar one! Unfortunately it’s sold out on the Lilly website. 😦

These wedges with brown leather straps are another summer staple for me, and another to wear to work. I’ve been searching for a black pair with no luck. Check out this similar brown pair I’ve also been eyeing!


Always reppin’ my cats.

When you have a date coming over in 30 minutes…

Old Navy is another store that has really stepped it up in my opinion. I’m all about the bargains, you guys. A few summers back I bought these high-waisted fabric shorts in black, red, and printed navy and I’m so glad I did. They’re perfect to wear with a bodysuit like this one from Express. 

As for shoes, flip flops are my go-to if I’m trying to keep it casual in the summer. My current favorites are these Jack Rodgers look-alikes from Altar’d State (check them out in the King of Prussia mall!)

Wavy natural hair, light makeup and this easy outfit & you’re date ready. Promise.

When you’re ready to party…

This was my favorite outfit I wore on vacation in Cancun. Granted, I wore it to dinner and it down-poured in the middle of the restaurant. But it made for a good photo. This white off-the-shoulder crop top worked perfect with my high-low skirt. I’ve had this for five years and it’s still a favorite of mine. My favorite part of this outfit is my pair of LuLu’s heels – I have them in nude and black. The single strap look with the ankle strap is my favorite summertime trend right now. I’ll be wearing them with jeans, dresses, whatever allllll summer long.

Still learning how to pose for fashion photos so I just dance around.



When you’re trying to work off all of the calories you drank …

Slay all day then ROSE, more specifically. The motto.

I love workout clothes. My most recent shopping jackpot happened at Primark (if you have one near you… you MUST go). Their workout leggings are fire. My favorite pair has these shiny rose gold stripes on the side. Love. My bestie Morgan got me this sassy little tank for Christmas and it’s’ a go-to. I’m recently obsessed with rose gold, so I’ll wear it with a simple black sports bra ,  and my rose gold Nikes Flex Supremes.

Pro tip: it’s more fun to workout when your outfit is awesome. Scientific fact. Look it up.

Here’s me pretending I was going to go for a run when on vacation.

Haha nope.


Thanks, Morg!

Hope you love my current fashion picks. And also, if you have any suggestions on best places to online shop, hit a girl up because I’m always looking!



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