The Want List: summer love.

Oh hey! So I’m starting a new series: The Want List.

In my phone, I keep a list in the notes app of my “wish list.” So shallow, I know. But it’s fun! As much as I want to go ahead and just order everything I dream of, obviously my wallet would not exactly appreciate it. I thought it might be fun to share some of the things I’m drooling over. This time around, I’ll be focusing on some fashion, beauty + home items. If I end up buying any of these any time soon, I’ll of course update y’all on what I think. Some of these items are far reaching and expensive soooo unless your girl hits the lottery in the next six months, it’s probably not gonna happen. But I can dream.

Let’s begin.



  • I’ve been dying for a jean jacket for a while now. It’s just a classic fashion staple that you can wear with pretty much anything any time of year. If I go ahead and take the splurge, I’d probably invest in a good one. I’m loving this one by Madewell. However, I have friends who still wear their American Eagle jean jackets from years ago, so maybe they’re onto something._100403483
  • I’m excellent at destroying my shoes. Especially in the summer. I don’t know what it is, but I am absolutely terrible at keeping them nice. So I’m usually pretty hesitant to invest in nice sandals, but I would love to if I could get my act together. I’m really into slides right now. I love this dressed up pair from Steve Madden (rose gold, of course). And also, I’m really into Jack Rodgers right now. I have fake ones because like I said, i suck. But I loveeeee the Lauren style. The black and white ones are to die for.
  • I saw this shirt on Pinterest a few weeks ago and had to have it. Sadly, it’s sold out. I honestly might make my own or continue to search for it. GREY’S ANATOMY FOREVER and the original crew is everything.Grey_s_Anatomy_Shirt_large
  • I’m a sucker for a good, form-fitting, flattering dress. I really love the asymmetrical style right now because it is super flattering and makes short girls like me look taller. Win-win. I also love stripes and would wear black and white every day if I could. I’ve been looking for a dress like this one for a while. Legit might order this actually….stay tuned.a0ac3598e7494b86f3751d5ac9946954_1024x1024
  • I’m already preparing for the cold weather (I know, I know) and I’ve realized I’m due for a new coat. I think this year I’ll probably invest in a heavy duty winter coat like the Northface Parka or something, but I also like a nice pea coat for dressing up. I’m super into light pinks right now, so I’m thinking I’ll get a pale pink coat of some sort.
  • I am obsessed with both Adidas and Nike right now. I’m really trying to narrow down my next pair of sneakers. Any suggestions? I love the Nike Roshes. Especially the Flyknit. roshe-flyknit-womens-shoe.jpg
  • I’ve been pining over these Jeffrey Campbell booties for like, two years now no lie. Maybe one day I’ll take the plunge finally. I don’t know what color I’d get because I want them all. The rust color is so pretty but so not practical. 40293847_061_a.jpeg



  • Similar to sandals, I also destroy all of my sunglasses. If I wasn’t a hot mess of a person, I would definitely spring for these Rose gold Ray Bans8053672611502_shad_fr.
  • I’ve seen this Lavender Kate Spade bag on Pinterest a few times over the years and just never went for it. I don’t think Lavender is a very practical color, but it’s so pretty! And unique. I think I missed the boat because I can’t find it anywhere. Somebody help!215e4438ece0cfd321a513d936a5ef40.jpg


Now you all know that I would probably buy every item in Sephora if I could. But right now, these are the items I just can’t stop thinking about. I think there’s a large order in my future. (SOS)

  • I love highlighter. Becca Champagne pop is my favorite. I’m running out of it and I’ve been using it sparingly. But I think it’s time. It’s worth the astronomical price. I also have been dying to try the Becca Backlight filter primer because I’m told it makes your skin super glowy under your makeup and you can wear it by itself. Sounds magical.
  • I’m not exactly a cheek/blush person, but I do love Benefit’s stuff. Their cheek parade palette looks super cute. I have a lot of these blushes already, so not quite necessary. I do really want to try the newer Galifornia shade, though.s1931575-main-Lhero.jpg
  • Benefit Hoola bronzer is a makeup holy grail item for so many people. I’ve been considering giving their newer liquid line a go because it sounds so awesome for the summer. Does anyone use this? Please let me know what you think because I think I need it but IDK.s1790419-main-Lhero.jpg
  • Jaclyn Hill is my everything (Champagne Pop is her shade with Becca, if you didn’t alrady know that). She came out with this BEAUTIFUL eyeshadow palette with Morphe (one of my favorite eyeshadows ever) and I absolutely need it. Mostly just to support my girl but also holy shit look at those colors people! It was sold out when I went to get it, but I think it’s time. This will last me my whole life.JH2-hero-1_1408c108-5566-4eb0-8d2d-d2f40bb88a36_1024x1024
  • I’m not the biggest fan of Urban Decay eyeshadows (Naked palette isn’t exactly worth the hype, in my humble opinion). This super warm palette looks AWESOME though, so I might just have to make some kind of exception.3605971553936_naked_heat.jpg
  • I love a primer, especially a moisturizing one. I’ve been wondering about this Marc Jacobs coconut primer for a while (I just love coconut so much) but didn’t know if it was ridiculous for me to buy. Is it worth it? Or just so so?NMC1ZP4_mu.jpg


Bedroom Goals

I’ve been doing a little bit of redecorating to my room lately. There are just a couple things I want to add to give my room a little extra something.

  • I’m thinking I need some kind of wall hanging. Amazon has a ton of pretty tapestries, but nothing is quite speaking to me. I’m kinda thinking I want a white, silver and grey woven wall hanging. I saw one at Target before but now I can’t find it anywhere. Anyone have any ideas? Help a sister out.39988787_012_b.jpeg
  • I pinned this probably a year or two ago on my Pinterest and I came across it the other day and yelped. How on brand is this? Stay tuned for the F-Perfection version, but close enough, eh? perfection-n4h-prints
  • I have an awesome record player, but NO records. I am making it a goal to pop into a few record stores over the next few weeks and maybe even place some online orders. I definitely want some vintage pieces, but there are some favorites that I think would be so cool to have.

What have you been dying to splurge on the last few months?

Share your Amazon wish lists with me!


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