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Summer concert fashion & must-haves.

Nothing says summer like a summer concert. But nothing is more fun than a summer COUNTRY concert. If you haven’t tailgated a country concert in the heat of summer, you haven’t lived. Get out there and do it soon! Even if you’re not a country fan, it’s an experience of a lifetime.

My friends and I had been looking forward to the Zac Brown Band concert for weeks. I bought tickets after hearing a lot of my friends and a ton of people from college were going, so in the spirit of my summer motto “why the hell not?”

I knew the weather was going to be killer (I’m a total whimp when it comes to the heat) and I’d be tailgating for five plus hours. Not to mention pre-gaming the tailgate. Not to mention the actual concert, where I had lawn seats and would be standing the whole time. Sounds like a long day (and it is) but it’s the freaking best. The goal of the day’s outfit was cute but comfortable. Honestly, that’s my goal most days but you get it.

I opted for jean shorts, which is not a typical choice for me. They’re just not a go-to in my wardrobe but I kinda think they scream country concert. I wore a white pair from Express that I just love. They’re a little big on me, but I love wearing jean shorts a little big so I can tuck stuff in and I just find them more comfortable when they’re a little loose.

For my top, I wore my white Aerie bralette (I’m almost always wearing this TBH) with a black v-neck graphic tee with the lace-up detail. This one is also from Express. I hadn’t worn it yet, so I was super excited to. Love this similar one in blue.

For sunglasses, I went with blue mirrored aviators that I picked up from Altar’d State. They’re a little dinged up (they went through hell and back in Cancun) so I thought they were appropriate for the long concert.

For my bag, I brought my trusty baby backpack. Is it not the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen? I actually got mine from the holy grail of online shopping, Amazon. Here’s a similar one from Nordstrom that I love. I love carrying this for nights out when I know I’m going to need a few more things than usual.

What’s in my concert bag you ask? Well, the essentials of course.

  • Sunscreen (Because I’m pale and being out in the sun all day is not okay)
  • Lilly Pulitzer Koozie (Because I drank endless Spiked Seltzers and lived my best life; Also because I’m very basic)
  • Portable charger (Because sometimes I’m smart)
  • Tic tacs (Because I didn’t want to smell like Spiked Seltzer all night)
  • Liquid lipstick (Because gotta look cute for pictures)
  • Ticket printed (Because it’s never good to go to a concert and not get in the concert)

For shoes, it was comfort all the way. I wore my knock-off brand Jack Rodgers. I’d link where I got them from, but they no longer exist. I got a gold pair from Altar’d State, though!

Check out some pics of my friends being real cute in their outfits, too!

What summer concerts will you be checking out? Can’t wait to wrap up summer and kick off fall with Maren Morris & Sam Hunt in September.


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