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What’s in my bag: Back-to-School Edition

Back to school, back to school!

I may only be taking one (yes, one singular) class but I am BEYOND EXCITED to get back in the classroom. I’m pursuing my graduate certificate in Organizational Communication & Leadership at Villanova University and I couldn’t be more thrilled to get started next week.

{P.S. If Target isn’t already your back-to-school destination, it should be!}

I have the tendency to bring my whole life everywhere with me. I was using a briefcase bag for work (from Target a few years back) and I was stuffing it absolutely to the BRIM with all of my junk. Not to mention I typically go to the gym from work, so there’s my gym bag. Not to mention my bag of food I pack everything in for the day.

I invested in a giant tote from Target (duh) that I found on sale for $18 and change. Amazing. It’s also reversible—a gold/bronze on one side and navy blue on the other. Let me breakdown all of the goodies I carry around with me on any given day now that I’m back in the swing of things with my weeks including class on Thursday nights, long workdays and workouts galore.  

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I carry my laptop everywhere with me. Some mornings I love to get up a little early and head to a coffee shop by my office and get some work done on the blog or my book. I’ll also use it for class and homework. The only thing I can’t stand is that my laptop is SO HEAVY. Once I get the funds, I’m investing in a Macbook Air. I got a cute little laptop case to protect it from being in my bag all day (buy here: Amazon). Don’t forget your charger.

Reading Materials

I always always always have something to read with me. I usually have my Kindle Fire and a hard copy of a book with me. My e-book of the moment right now is When God Winks—stay tuned for a review on that. The hard copy book I’ve been carrying with me right now is The Gifts of Imperfection by Brené Brown. Obsessed. 

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I already shared my planner obsession in my July favorites but I just love my BlueSky planner. The version I have is blue and not sold online right now. I’m not gonna lie, I change my planners a few times per year because I’m crazy like that so stay tuned for my next obsession.

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I love cute notebooks. I have so many at my house that I just have never finished filling up because I am addicted to buying cute ones that I see. I bought two notebooks recently from Home Goods to separate between my thoughts on blog work and book work (yes I’m writing a book hehe). It’s helped to keep those two projects separated, and certainly doesn’t hurt that the notebooks are SUPER cute.

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Write it out

I’m always doodling, taking notes or writing something somewhere. I’ve always gotta have pens, pencils and highlighters on hand. Whenever I’m reading I always highlight things that inspire me. I’ve gotta have pencils because I go nuts if my planner if unorganized and if plans change and I can’t erase them. It’s the little things.

School Gear

I got my readings for my first class of grad school and the excitement I felt was unreal. Nerd life. That night I immediately went to, you guessed it, Target for a binder & dividers. I love this aqua green one I picked up with dividers from the dollar spot. #Blessed. I also got some college ruled loose leaf to take notes. TOO FREAKING HYPED.

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Miscellaneous Beauty & Life Necessities

I have a cute makeup bag that I got from Home Goods that carries all of my daily essentials. Let me break down the list for you:

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If there’s a chance I might be going out somewhere and staying the night unexpectedly (i.e. one mimosa too many) I try to always throw an easy dress for work in my bag with some of my makeup essentials. I’ll usually throw in a little Old Navy t-shirt dress (they never wrinkle either) and I’m good to go.

My wallet.

My current wallet is Kate Spade and I ordered it from Amazon and I’m obsessed. Here is is in gold, which I also love. Never forget your license (ya never know if you’re gonna head out for post-work/class drinks).

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And last, but certainly not least: headphones

Not to be dramatic but I would die without my headphones at work. I panic if I can’t find them before I leave the house. They’re critical. Music/podcasts/listening to SOMETHING gets me through the day.

So that’s it. The essentials. You guys want to hear what kind of goodies I keep in my gym bag (for when I actually get my butt there, that is)?

What are your work and school bag essentials? 

*This post includes affiliate links with Target. 


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