In love with the weekend: NYC

So, I thought it might be fun to start doing weekend recaps on the blog. Some (read: most) weekends I’m not all that interesting. Lately I’ve been trying to fill my weekends with trips to visit friends, heading to new places and doing spontaneous fun things.

This weekend was a great one. I had a half day on Friday and headed up to New York to see my best friend Morgan!

I always say “bloggers never sleep” (jokingly) because even when I’m doing fun things I’m always looking for some content or a photo opp. Just the nature of the job. This trip I tried to actively stay off my phone unless I was talking to my friends or taking little photos here and there. And I’ve gotta say, fellow bloggers, highly recommend.


I arrived Friday afternoon after a train ride to Philly and a Megabus ride from hell. Then I experimented with the app Via to get to Morgan’s on the Upper West Side from Chelsea. Turns out I entered in the wrong destination not once but twice. This Philly suburb girl is not cut out for that ginormous city.

Then finally I arrived to Morgan’s a solid hour and a half later than expected, quick changed and freshened up, then headed out to meet some of her college friends back downtown. One stop on the express subway down I realized my license was in my other bag. Inopportune considering we were headed to a beer garden and mama needed a drink real bad. Again, this girl can’t city. 

So we make the trek back, and with a sandwich Morgan made me grab to eat on the walk to the subway (thanks mom) and license in tow, we were off.

The first spot we went to was The Standard Biergarten.

It was a really pretty spot by the High Line. There was brick and greenery everywhere, ping pong tables and lots of beer. Luckily for Morgan and I, who were not feeling beer, there were cocktails. Two Whiskey Gingers later & I was loving life.

Next stop was next door at the Brass Monkey which was closer to the water. We headed straight up to the rooftop and collectively decided we were very tipsy for it being barely 7 pm.

After another whiskey ginger, my mom Morgan made the executive decision that we were to eat dinner immediately. What would I do without this girl?

We headed down the street to Bubby’s. Super cute little spot. In true Sam form, I decided on random appetizers to pick on. I got fried tomatos and spinach artichoke dip. Both were decent but I was starved so it did the job.

Morgan, now forgoing her role as mom, made another executive decision to take vodka shots chased with green juice #health. Honestly the green juice was harder for me to get down than the vodka.

Then, feeling happy and full, we took a wild uber ride further downtown to Hair of the Dog (too collegey for our liking #old) and popped over to No Fun and decided we had enough and went home.


Saturday morning we headed to Birch Coffee. Honestly not much makes me happier than a cute little coffee shop so I was in my element. Then, we came home to change and went on a long walk to brunch.

I’m about to let you all in a big secret and a hidden gem on the Upper West Side. Calle Ocho, a tucked away little Latin restaurant, has unlimited free sangria with your entrees. Yes, you read that correctly. Honestly, I was blown away.

I got the Maiz y Camarones aka Shrimp & Grits (with the chipotle sauce on the side) and I’ll probably be dreaming about them everyday forever. I also got the Samba red sangria which was STRONGGGG af. Following a night of six whiskey gingers and a vodka shot with green stuff I couldn’t even finish one glass. Especially at noon. But it was yummmmy. Morgan got Vaca Frita and Fresas sangria which also looked amazing. HIGHLY recommend.

After our journey back home, we both decided it was nap time. I decided to watch a casual four episodes of The Bold Type while Morgan passed out, because I am not a good version of myself when I nap. Whoops.

Post-nap time we took another long journey up to Columbia University to check out Morgan’s beautiful campus. I’m obsessed and also just so proud of her. I bought a sweatshirt because of course. Then we headed back home to change & head to dinner

We met Haley at Cascabel Taqueria on the Upper West Side. I had been to the other location on the Upper East Side like three years ago and remembered how good the Mexican street corn and Watermelon Basil margaritas were. Naturally I got both and a Cobb salad and damn they were amazing. We were all so happy & full. And proud we each got salads #health.

Later, we headed all the way downtown to City Winery which was just the most adorable place. NYC men, take your ladies on a date here. I got rosè from the tap because of course & we had some nice girl talk with the gorgeous view of the Hudson. We then decided to continue our quest for basic-ness and headed to Loopy Doopy aka the place you’ve seen on Instagram where the drinks have popsicles in them. We collectively decided we did not want to spend $30 on a drink so Morgan and I split one. The popsicle we got was watermelon basil and vodka, I believe, and it was amazing. Low-key think I could make it myself, so stay tuned on that.

Then, we decided we didn’t care to spend our life savings on drinks anymore and I was hell bent on getting pizza so we headed home. I got the saddest pizza and cheese fries on earth but nothing was going to rain on my parade.

Morgan and I realized we walked a total of nine miles and 35+ flights of stairs so needless to say we passed out.


We woke up for an early breakfast at Good Enough to Eat and it was amazing. Great coffee and the best French toast of my life, hands down.

Following that, we headed to H&H where Haley picked up bagels for her mom & we ran into my college roommate/best friend and her best friend from high school in line behind us. Who knew how small the world could be? Amazing.

Then, at a solid 11:30, Haley and I decided it was the perfect time for ice cream. We went to Momofuku Milk Bar and got the cereal milk ice cream with cereal crunch on top. Literally amazing. And so basic it hurt but no regrets.

After that, I packed up and we headed to sit in Central Park before it was time for me to head home.

Theme of this weekend: full and happy.

Thanks to Morgan for the perfect hospitality & for exploring some of the cutest places in the city with me. Perfect weekend!

What did you do this weekend?


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