Faves: August ’17

I cannot believe the summer is actually coming to an end. It’s been so much fun I could go on and on about it. I wouldn’t change a thing.

I wanted to share a random collection of my favorite things from August. Some of these things I’ve been loving for even longer. Let’s jump right into it.

The Shoes I’ve Been Wearing to Death

I hate heels. It’s a highly inconvenient hatred, considering I’m barely 5 foot 2. I am always on the hunt for comfortable wedges that 1) won’t hurt me and 2) I can actually walk in. Also, I like shoes I can wear to work but also wear after if I’m going out somewhere.

I found these great wedges from—you guessed it— Target! They lace up, which is cute but kind of annoying sometimes because they always come untied. But I love the black with the cork detail and love that they can be dressed up or down. Plus, these bad boys have survived long work events, journeys through New York City and a long trek to get pancakes when I forgot to pack other shoes, so they’re comfy as hell.

Courtesy of: Target

What’s Been Making Me Look Crazy on the Treadmill

I don’t know if I’ve talked about my love for Chris D’elia on the blog yet, but I’m gonna do it again anyway. His Congratulations podcast is so utterly ridiculous it’s hilarious. I’ve listened to every single episode (about 30) and he never fails to make me laugh to myself. His podcasts are basically just him rambling about his travels around the country, about things he thinks are stupid and my personal favorite—he calls people out for their dumb AF Instagram posts. If you don’t already follow him on social media, do it. I’ll admit, his humor is pretty darn stupid. It’s just silly and you can tell for a 37 year old man he gives a literal 0 F’s.

My siblings and I will be seeing him in New Brunswick in September and I am so beyond excited.


Fun fact: my graduation cap has a quote from one of his stand-up routines on it. If you haven’t watched his impression of Drunk Girls, do that now. Shout out to my college friends who would quote this with me on the reg.


What’s Been Keeping Me Informed on “Important Issues”

There’s been a lot of horrible shit happening in the world. I can’t even talk about it without getting upset, so I won’t. Most of the time, when I’m not trying to stay informed about current events, I’m trying to keep my mind off of the chaos. What better way to do that than to distract yourself with reality TV and gossip?

Courtesy of: The Morning Breath

The Morning Breath is a morning show (can be listened to on Apple Podcasts and watched on Facebook and Instagram Live) hosted by Claudia and Jackie Oshray. Claudia is “Girl With No Job” aka one of the most hilarious social media accounts of all time. These girls are absolutely hysterical and borderline ridiculous, but they know it and don’t give a sh*t. I love listening to them talk about the fast five news stories of the week, mostly pop culture related, and mostly about Bravo TV shows.

What I’ve Been Living In

Sweatshirt season is coming(!!!!) My fav boutique Thriver came out with a sweatshirt that was legitimately made for me. You all need it. I also bought three other sweatshirts n the last month, but who’s counting?

Courtesy of: Thriver

What I’m Wearing to Work

I got a TON of pairs of Pixi pants from Old Navy, as you might have seen on my Instagram Story a little bit ago. I already had two pairs, black & white and navy. I live in these during the fall and winter so I’m so glad I finally have pants to wear with my million shirts.

Pro tip: these go on sale a lot. Don’t buy them if they aren’t. They are every few weeks, so it’s worth the wait.

How I’m Doing My Hair

I’m a super motivated and energetic person, which is troubling because I’m also lazy AF. If there’s one task I hate doing for beauty/self-care it’s blow drying my hair. My natural hair used to be super curly and it fell limp as I got older. Recently, I’ve noticed that my curls are BACK and my natural hair is like a beach wave. I love it. Mostly because I can keep heat off of my hair and let it air dry.

I found some awesome hair products that make my life so. much. easier.

I love this Living Proof Curl Enhancing Styling Mousse. Thanks, Haley for the rec! A little expensive, but it works great on its oWn. No crunchy hair afterwards (the worst) and doesn’t feel like you have any product in your hair. Love it.

For a cheaper option, I also found this line of products at the drugstore that I love. Loreal Air Dry It is amazing. I love the spray and the cream. Usually, I’ll use my Living Proof and finish off with the Loreal Spray.

How I’m Gettin’ Fit

I’m going pretty hard on my workout routine. I’m planning on doing a whole post on this soon once I workout the kinks. I’ve been taking Best BCAA by BPI Sports throughout my workout.

If you don’t know about BCAAs (branched chain aminos) they can’t be produced naturally in your body so they need to be supplemented. This enhances protein synthesis and increases muscle growth overtime.

I started taking BCAAs a few years ago when I was in a pretty intense training program and I couldn’t believe how much it helped with recovery and how much it improved my stamina during a workout. The Rainbow Ice flavor literally tastes like a popsicle and it’s just so good.

After my workouts and on my way to work, I’ll have a protein shake. Like I’ve mentioned, I’m kinda lazy. Premier Protein shakes are a go-to. They come in these little cartons so there’s no blending needed and I can just toss it when I’m done. I’ve been drinking the vanilla kind like nobody’s business but I need to try some more. I plan on buying in bulk. They only have one gram of sugar, which is exciting news for me since I’m trying to cut out sugar as much as possible.

And finally, for a killer combo of both of those wonderful things and other super good stuff for your body, the Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 Protein from GNC is AMAZING in the Salted Caramel flavor. It smells like something really unhealthy that you’d get from Starbucks. It’s GNC’s top of the line protein and is jam packed with necessary aminos.

More on my workout routine so soon! It’s been a struggle to figure out, but I think I’ve done it!

How I’m Eating My Foooood

I’ve been eating pretty boring (brown rice, chicken, broccoli, salad) and healthy sauces and seasonings make all of the difference. I  get bored so easily by what I’m eating so I need to change it up. This week, I gave up sugar (for the most part) so this doesn’t quite apply to me anymore, but these are too delicious not to share.

  • For salads: I always throw chicken my salad mix with avocado dressing. Post sugar detox I do oil + vinegar
  • For chicken: I always season with Everything Bagel seasoning from Trader Joe’s (BOMB)
  • For my dinner: I’ll throw on some low sodium soy sauce, Trader Joe’s Soyaki or Trader Joe’s Sweet Chili Sauce (SO GOOD) — avoiding this post-sugar detox

That’s all I got! What are you obsessing over this month?


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