In love with the weekend: Providence, RI

Coming off of Labor Day weekend I’m feeling super thankful for the awesome summer I had with my friends & family.

This weekend was no different. My friend Haley & I headed up to visit her sister Tyler in Rhode Island. I had never been to New England aside from a 12 hour business trip to Boston last year, so I was down for the road trip. I also realized I had never been in the car for this long ever.

Despite the longest car ride ever (no offense, anyone lives in Connecticut, but we swear you must only have traffic and rest stops and nothing else) we arrived in one piece and were excited for a fun weekend.

We mostly ate, drank and slept in which was FABULOUS. Thanks to Tyler for the hospitality & showing us where all the good eats were. Here’s a little breakdown of where we went just in case you happen to find yourself in Prov.



Dinner at Sakura 

Wickenden Street is a cute little area with all kinds of restaurants!) It was super inexpensive for a ton of food and BYOB. I got the Philadelphia roll (duh) and Hot Babe (also duh) and both were amazing.

Drinks at Ogie’s Trailer Park

Don’t let the name fool you. It was super hip & retro. The vodka sodas were definitely 99% vodka and 1% soda, so prepare for a sneaky drunk.


Brunch at Olga’s Cup + Saucer

This place was amazing. We weren’t exactly thrilled with the service (a little slow & some messed up orders) but it was super cute and quaint and we sat outside in a little woodsy area. I ordered the Drop Biscuits and Grits with poached egg and it was incredible. It tasted just like mac and cheese. I also had the largest latte ever that I needed to hold with two hands.

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Donuts at PV Donuts

We headed over to Providence Donuts and picked up a Coffee Milk donut for us to split. I had a little bite before I dozed off for my 3.5 hour nap.

Pre-dinner (and nap) drinks at Hot Club

We headed to Hot Club for outside drinks of mimosas and bloodys.

Dinner at Venda

We opted for a fancy-ish Italian dinner and a night in. We went to Venda, which was super cool and had a live band playing outside with gorgeous string lights. We sat inside because it was frigid, though! I got the Rigatoni alla Vodka with shrimp & we shared some calamari (and a bottle of Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc, of course).


Brunch at Duck & Bunny

Another day, another brunch. This time we went to Duck & Bunny, which was well worth the almost hour wait. I got the “Eggs Bun-a-Duck” with potato pancakes and smoked salmon because I was feeling fancy. I also got the truffled homefries which were amazing. But the best part of all was the Bubbly Mary, which was a bloody mary made with prosecco. I don’t know how or why but it was just amazing and maybe the best bloody mary I’ve ever had.


Coffee at Coffee Exchange

While waiting for our brunch reservation, we headed down to Coffee Exchange to grab lattes. Super cute little coffee spot and the coffee was worth the price compared to Starbucks. That’s a lot coming from me.

Apps at Federal Tap House

After some time walking around Brown (in the rain) we napped and recouped for “appy hour” (Providence doensn’t do drink specials for happy hours so they just have food specials). We went to Tap House which had a raw bar special and if you know me you know I love my oysters. I was super happy to have some oysters and beer and a few other apps.

The girls and I also headed over to “Water Fire” which is where they have a bar set up and they light up parts of the river. It was cool to see a cute little Providence tradition while we were there.


Drinks at Congress

After a quick refresh, we got ourselves together and later at night headed to Congress for more (read: too many) drinks. It will go down in history as the location where I had my first and potentially last Irish car bomb.

Monday was spent sleeping til noon, getting a few hours in the sun and departing for our long trek back to Philly. It was so much fun exploring a new place!

Where did you go over LDW? I need some new recs to keep my travels going.


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