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DIY: Dorm + apartment decor goals

I have two sisters and the three of us couldn’t be more different. This particular sister, Jamie, is maybe a little more like me (sorry Jame, but also—you’re welcome) but unlike me, she’s effortlessly cool.

Jamie just so happens to be living in the exact same apartment that I lived in my senior year of college for her junior year of college. Now, my apartment with my friends was super cute. But my sister really turned it up a notch over two years later. I asked Jamie to share with me some photos of her new digs and also walk you guys through how she made all of her decor herself.

Thanks for sharing, Jame. Also, check her out over on CollegeFashionista or give her a follow on Insta @jamiemarinelli — like I said she’s way cooler than I am.

DIY: Rose gold chevron wall


What you’ll need:

  • Gold washi tape – Etsy. Jamie bought rose gold, but they have all kinds of patterns and prints, too!

Where she got the inspiration:

  • Pinterest, duh. She found the inspo on there, but if you’re not into the chevron there are how-to’s of all different patterns.

How she did it:

  1. Measure the wall and space out the vertical lines by a foot
  2. Tape the vertical lines down to use them as a guide to space out the horizontal lines
  3. Went down the wall vertically and marked down by a foot with a pencil mark each time
  4. Start the tape at the pencil mark on one of the vertical lines and line it up diagonally with the next pencil mark on the vertical line next to it
  5. Continue doing this one row at a time, but changing the direction of the lines with each vertical line completed to give the chevron (zig-zag) effect

That’s it!


DIY: Neon Signs


What you’ll need:

  • Large paper to trace word or phrase you want to use
  • Wire
  • EL Wire (Amazon)
  • Glue or clear string
  • Pliers
  • Tape that matches your wall

Where she got the inspiration: 

The Sorry Girls on YouTube

How she did it:

  • Get a large piece of paper & trace out the words or phrase you want
  • Take colored wire and bend along the traced words to shape it.
    • TIPS: Have a friend help you hold down the words you’ve completed and use pliers to help tighten the wire where it needs to be for certain letters
  • Use the pliers to cut off extra wire
  • Get EL Wire (the light up neon part) and do the same as you did with the first wire by bending out the word you chose. You have two options to get the EL wire to stick to the first wire. 1) use super glue and make sure it’s secure or 2) get clear string from the craft store (the kind used for jewelry) and tie tiny knots along the letters to secure both wires together. Option 2 is what Jamie did and highly recommends. Tedious but worth it.

And that’s it!

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