Showing we care.

If you’re in a relationship, thinking about being in a relationship, not even considering pursuing a relationship or simply have something casual with someone you need to look into love languages.

This book by Dr. Gary Chapman is a relatively easy read, and honestly you can go online and take a quiz if you don’t have the time.

Chapman says that there are five love languages. There’s a 20% chance that someone you’re with or pursuing or interested in shares the same love language as you. Figuring out what you need from a relationship and how to communicate that to someone is key. Sometimes what you need isn’t even as clear as you think it might be. That’s why this book and quiz is so insightful.

And just because someone you’re into doesn’t have the same love language as you doesn’t mean that you’re doomed.

Five Love Languages

Words of Affirmation (ME af)

People whose love languages are words of affirmation use words to show people they care and need words to know others care. This is where I fit. I can spend all of the quality time in the world with someone and all the right actions can be there but if I don’t hear what I mean to someone, that’s where I struggle. This means compliments, support, a lot of communication (KEY). They express how they feel through words–which is probably why when I care about someone I can’t help but tell them or write about it.

Acts of Service

Actions speak louder than words for people whose love language is acts of service. These people might not be as vocal about how they feel about someone, maybe even a compliment from them would be a big deal, but they’ll make sure to go out of their way to do things big or small that the person they care about will interpret as love and caring.


These people show their love through giving and receiving gifts. Pretty simple.

Quality Time

Quality time means more just being in the same place as someone you care about. It’s spending time. Devoting time to each other. Doing things you enjoy together.

Physical Touch

These people need to be kissed, hugged, touched, held, cuddled to feel love from someone they care about.

So where do you fall? How about your partner?

Not sure? Take the quiz and comment below. I love to hear different perspectives.


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