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What’s your favorite thing? | Fall ’17


I couldn’t be more excited that my favorite time of year is finally here. For one thing (when it’s not 90 degrees #globalwarming) the weather is absolutely unreal. I hate being hot more than anything and love nothing more than sleeping with my windows open. It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I thought I’d tell you guys about some of my favorite things for fall that I’ve gathered up at the tail end of summer. Stay tuned for some of my favorite makeup and skincare products I’ve been using at the start of this season. Those will be coming in a few weeks!

For now, we’ll stick to some totally random things because why not.

Yoga block

I’ve been dealing with some pretty annoying back problems since college. It definitely ebbs and flows depending on my stress level and the difficulty of my workouts. I recently started doing yoga a little more frequently and discovered the magic of a yoga block for my back. To support beginners trying to do a bridge pose, they’ll tell you to stick a block under your back to get used to the positioning. This is the most amazing stretch and honestly I do it almost every day and it feels amazing. If you deal with some lower/mid back pain, definitely try this out. And it’s from Amazon, duh.

Heating pad

Speaking of my back pain, I live for my heating pad. Nothing crazy, just from CVS. But nothing is better than getting a good workout in, getting a little sore, taking a shower and laying on the heating pad to ease your sore muscles. Highly recommend, especially in the fall when you wont get all hot.

Curling iron

Since chopping off my hair, I’ve decided this cut looks way better on me when it’s curled rather than straight. Unless someone is going to blow it out and straighten it for me. This 1 and 1/4 inch curling iron from Hot Tools SAVED MY LIFE. I usually suck at curling my own hair but you literally cannot screw this up. A few loose curls and some hair spray and it stays most of the day. I got mine at Ulta, but you can get them online at most stores and, duh, Amazon.

Contigo water bottle

I have a really difficult time trying to drink enough water. I got this water bottle with a little bit of a straw to make it easier for me to drink more. And of course, it’s from Target so it’s a no brainer to go pick one up.


I’ve been loving Chanel No. 5 L’Eau for a long time but I just recently rediscovered how much I love it after taking a little break. It’s rather pricey I won’t lie (I was really feeling myself when I bought this) and it’s way lighter and floral than the original. If you’re looking to splurge, look no further.

Fall candles

Bath & Body Works candles over errrrythang. My favorite scents for fall? Flannel (smells like a hot man), Marshmallow Fireside (alltime favorite ever) and the stress relief candle (spearmint and eucalyptus). SO GOOD. Buy them when they’re on sale and stock up like me.

Lenny and Larry’s Cookies

My favorite guilt free dessert is to break a Lenny and Larry’s Complete cookie in half. It satisfies my sweet tooth and it has a whole bunch of protein and it’s SO GOOD. If you love Lenny and Larry’s cookies too, you can save some cash money by using my code online.

Code: BA87102 for 20% off

Bootay Bag

I used Bootay Bag for the first time this month and it was incredible. How fun is it to get fun pairs of underwear in the mail?! I’m loving it and it’s fairly inexpensive. Goodbye Victoria’s Secret (except when it’s 7 for $27 … that I can get behind).

Conditioner for blondes

I’ve been using a teeny tiny bit of this OGX lavender luminescent conditioner for the last few months (too much and my short hair will get greasy) and I swear it’s made my color look unreal. It smells so amazing and relaxing too.

What have you guys been loving this month? Send me your favorites.


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