How I stayed sane in 2017. Or at least tried to.

I read this awesome article on Buzzfeed the other day that inspired this post. Thank you so much to Anna Borges of Buzzfeed for tweeting out this amazing idea.

Anna asked her Twitter followers what kept them sane in the year of 2017. Not sure if you all blacked out how wild (and at times, terrible) this past year has been for everyone but it was a rough one to say the least. Political turmoil, natural disasters and mass tragedies aside, I want you all to think about this past year from a personal level. Reflect a little bit on the times you had, the memories you made and the growing that took place. What did you learn? What do you wish you learned?

So, I want to ask you all,

What did you do that kept you sane in the year of 2017?

Responses Anna got ranged from taking up baking to learning a new language. Others watched carpet steaming videos on YouTube or getting super into astrology.

Here’s mine:

To keep sane in 2017 I did the following:

  • Started a blog where I can complain about life
  • Started cooking more and perfected homemade pasta sauce and chicken noodle soup
  • Obsessed over podcasts (The Morning Breath, The Lady Gang) and got deeply involved in their private Facebook groups
  • Tried boxing aka I decided I should punch bags and not people
  • Watched way too much Netflix to quantify
  • Read a dozen self help books and took diligent notes on them
  • Got obsessed with the Universe, the Law of Attraction, psychics, mediums, astrology, etc. etc. etc.
  • Threw myself completely into grad school and decided to maybe kinda not sure go for my PhD

Taking up some new hobbies was one of the best things I did for myself to stay positive in 2017. That, and avoiding the news whenever possible and donating to charities that need the help.

For 2018, let’s all try to be better—for ourselves and for the rest of the world. Let’s make this next year a good one. Stay sane, my friends.



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