Why the best part of a relationship is before it even starts

Call me crazy, but I think the best part of a relationship comes before there’s a relationship. This, to me, is what my friends and I call “the good part.”

Okay, yes, of course the entirety of a relationship can (and should) be beautiful if it’s a good one.There’s just something particularly magical about a relationship that’s not technically a relationship yet. The build up. The flirting. The getting to know each other. The stress and the uncertainty. This is the good part. And I think it gets a bad rap.

When you start to talk to someone you’re really feeling a connection with, it’s new and exciting. These new and exciting feelings can sometimes be a little scary. With these scary feelings can come thoughts of “maybe this is just too good to be true.” You begin to brace yourself for the bad while you’re in the midst of the good.

Getting what you want is scary. Because then it can go away.

But why? Why can’t we just accept that good things just happen sometimes?

I’ve seen a lot of my friends get wrapped up in the heat of the good part and want to rush through it. I, for one, am guilty of this too. You just get so excited about the person that you want things to start happening already. Let’s just get on with it! But that’s the problem. You’re rushing it. You’re skipping the good part.

In the good part, you’re building a connection. You’re igniting a spark. You’re making memories. You’re getting to know each other. You’re happy. You’re new. You’re scared and unsure. You’re living.

Rushing through this would be like eating the cookie without the cream filling. And everyone knows you eat the cream filling first.

Conversely, the good part doesn’t last forever. It’s important to remember that while this is a beautiful time, it is not something to be taken advantage of. There comes a time when you need to evaluate the situation and make some decisions. You can’t drag your feet and remain stagnant forever. Move past the good part and continue on to the rest of the story. Take that leap, and you’ll know when you feel ready to.

The beautiful thing about all of this is that the rest of the story is potentially even more amazing than the good part. And that’s incredible.

Embrace the good part. But know it’s only just part of the story, and you have the power to choose the ending.


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