A Message on the Future of F-Perfection.

Dear everyone,

Since May of last year, F-Perfection has been a therapeutic, nerve-wracking and exciting experience for me. At its inception, F-Perfection was about being unfiltered and real, about embracing my own personal imperfections, even laughing at them, and sharing them with the world.

F-Perfection has become bigger to me than obsessing over Instagram followers and WordPress analytics. It’s been a platform for myself and others I’ve been able to connect with to share real, true & unfiltered stories about what it means to be in your 20’s. That, at its core, is what I want this website to be. And that’s what it’s about to become.

I’ve had a lot of amazing guest posts over the past few months from amazing women I’ve connected with from groups like The Lady Gang, The Skinny Confidential and The Morning Breathers. From there, I’ve seen what I thought was true all along: we’re ALL going through the same or similar struggles.

We all have stories to tell—funny ones, sad ones, ones of heartbreak and ones full of love. Many of us have found the loves of our life and have mastered our side hustles, but some of us are swiping on Bumble until our fingers cramp or feel stuck in a rut at a dead end job. I want to hear from each and every one of you. Whatever your story is, I want this to be a place where you can share. Welcome to the new format of F-Perfection.


A refresh. F-Perfection is a community that shares unfiltered views on life, love & figuring it all out. Writers from around the world are welcome to take advantage of this community as a safe place to share their stories.


Have a story you want to tell? The process is simple. On the F-Perfection homepage, on the right side bar, click WRITE FOR US where you can fill out a form, initially submitting your idea in the category in which it fits, with a short description of your idea. From there, an F-Perfection editor will reach out to you with approval or suggestions, a deadline and suggested word count. It’s that easy! Click here for the form, too!


Below is a breakdown of the overarching content categories we’ll have on F-Perfection, as well as examples of post ideas.


  • How I ghosted all my Tinder matches
  • I got cheated on. Here’s how I bounced back.
  • Why I stopped swiping


  • Our love story.
  • Long-distance drama: how we make it work
  • My heartbreak story.


  • I’m in a loving relationship, but I’m depressed.
  • My struggles with perfection.  
  • I have OCD. Here’s how I learned how to let go of control.
  • I packed my bags and moved cross country. Here’s how my life changed.
  • These are 5 things I do to show myself I care.


  • My friend stabbed me in the back.
  • My views on friendship: “quality over quantity”
  • My boyfriend cheated on me with my best friend.
  • Friendships in your 20s: here’s what you need.
  • Why I stopped surrounding myself with “coffee and brunch” friends


  • Here’s how I started my own business, and here’s how you can too.
  • I quit my day job to travel the world. Here’s how that worked out for me.
  • How I landed my dream job.
  • I got fired: here’s how I coped.

Can I post anonymously?

Yes, of course! If you choose to be anonymous, we fully support your decision and will protect your identity to the best of our ability. If you choose to write using you name, you have the ability to include social media handles for self promotion and shameless plugs.

Can I share my posts on F-Perfection to other sites?

No. By submitting a post to F-Perfection, you’re forgoing the ability to share that post on any other sites. You can, however, share your post to your social media platforms and encourage your friends to do so as well! 

Where did your posts go, Sam?

F-Perfection is no longer just about me. It’s about all of us. Don’t worry, my stories are being kept safe and will be a part of a larger project ;). Unfortunately, they’re no longer available to read on this website. Have no fear, I’ll still pop up every now and then when I have something really special, exciting or funny to share. I’m planning on doing a monthly post/recap of some of my favorite posts, favorite picks of the month, etc.

Thank you for coming along this journey with me. I’m excited to see where F-Perfection goes. 2017 has been good to F-Perfection, but I know 2018 will be even better thanks to you all. 



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