About Me

Hi friends! Thank you for coming to F-Perfection. I’m Sam. If I had to list everything I love, I’d mention my family, wine, pugs, Villanova, Justin Timberlake, the Jersey Shore and chocolate chip cookies not necessarily in that order. And writing, which is what brought you here! I curse too much, have hands the size of a first grader and once spent a whole summer inside because I was afraid of bees. Like I said, F-Perfection, am I right? For me, life has been all about facing my fears (and I have had many), learning the value of saying “yes” but also saying “no,” and giving myself time to figure it all out.

Spoiler alert: I still haven’t figured it all out. Probs never will.

Thanks for joining me, humoring me, laughing with me (or at me, probably).

Let’s be friends. 

Blogger.  Aspiring Author.  Marketing coordinator.  Wannabe Girl Boss.  Villanova Wildcat.  Beauty/Skincare Obsessed.  French Fry Lover.  Cookie Monster.  Smart blonde. Beach Go-er.  Netflix Binger.  Wine Fanatic.  (Rosé all day).  Nap Star.  Daughter.  Sister.   Cuzzie.  Friend.

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