About Me

Thanks for coming! I started this as a place to share my stories (embarrassing or otherwise), and I hope this can be a  place for others to share theirs, too!

Me in a nutshell:

  • My life goal is to write a book
  • I work in communications and am getting my masters
  • I pretty much only love my dog. Sorry.
  • My family is pretty tight too. All one million of them. (I’ve got a lot of siblings)
  • If I had a million dollars my first stop would be to Sephora on my way to pick up my private jet
  • Villanova Wildcat til I die even though they break my heart consistently these days
  • My favorite foods include French fries, sushi, ravioli and pizza (obviously).
  • Dave Matthews, any & all country music and Justin Timberlake are constantly playing in my car
  • My favorite place on earth is Sea Isle City, NJ
  • I’m probably watching Bravo or attempting to get through Game of Thrones finally.