A control freak’s guide to going with the flow.

“Just go with it.” This simple yet overtly complicated direction and piece of advice that I often get from well-meaning friends baffles my control-freak mind. I never quite understood how someone could just be okay with just seeing what happens. That, of course, wasn’t until I realized that life is way more fun when you just … More A control freak’s guide to going with the flow.

Showing we care.

If you’re in a relationship, thinking about being in a relationship, not even considering pursuing a relationship or simply have something casual with someone you need to look into love languages. This book by Dr. Gary Chapman is a relatively easy read, and honestly you can go online and take a quiz if you don’t have the time. … More Showing we care.

Hey Millennials: Here’s How You Get The Apartment of Your Dreams

Back at it again with another guest post! My best friend Morgan is chock full of knowledge. Get used to her all up on my blog. My mid-west raised bestie is heading to the east coast this week (I’m screaming internally) to start at freaking Columbia next month. As excited as I am for her … More Hey Millennials: Here’s How You Get The Apartment of Your Dreams

The Law of F-Yes or No.

Warning: this post is going to have the f-word repeated often. But it’s necessary. Sorry bout it. I found my absolute favorite piece of relationship advice while scrolling through my Facebook timeline. Who knew? Mark Manson wrote an incredible article on “The Law of Fuck Yes or No” back in 2013 and it’s still super relevant today. Side note: check out … More The Law of F-Yes or No.

Yes + No.

Towards the beginning of the 2017, I was throwing around the idea of starting up a blog and was really struggling to come up with a name and concept. Yes + No was one I thought of for a minute before F-Perfection was born months later. Those two words have become really important to me … More Yes + No.